Join our financial judge free zone money management training!

Once an individual learns these money management skills, they have the knowledge to avoid many mistakes or repair the financial damages to go further and faster despite their setback. What you do not know can hurt you financially. Join us and discover the financial rules of the game, they do not teach you in school. We are passionate about sharing over 25 years of money management experience to help you avoid making some common mistakes or to recover faster and easier than going it alone. We would love to be your financial guide, to master the game, or to get back on your feet. Let us know how we can help you? you are not alone, we are here, and we care about you! through life’s ups and down from a nonjudgmental point of view.

Business or life Coaching

Option 1

Credit Repair

Credit repair recovery

We know how stressful and devastating money challenges can be. We would love to share our valuable life experiences on how to increase your credit score to gain access to more money when you need it. What you do not know can hurt you financially, learn the credit reporting algorithm to stay ahead of the game. Let us provide you with the rules of engagement, tools, and strategies to master the financial game they do not talk about in school to set you free financially.

Option 2

Budgeting and Debt Relief

Budgeting and debt relief rescue

Budgeting is the key to a stress-free financial lifestyle. No matter how much we make, if we do not track and give our money a purpose, it will disappear faster than we can make it. We feel honored to provide helpful online tools to make budgeting easy or use our offline giveaway budgeting template that effectively manage our money to keep more in our pocket for rainy days. We will share over 25 years of budgeting experience in a step-by-step process that is easy to apply, to take back your financial powers to live an abundant stress-free financial life.

Option 3

How to develop a healthy money relationship

Join us on a journey to a healthy money relationship

Join us on a journey of self-discovery to identify our money beliefs and if these beliefs support our hopes and dreams. Our relationship with money can keep us in poverty, or it can provide an abundant lifestyle that we are all worthy of having. Once we can identify our money blocks that are getting in our way and learn how to replace them, we can live the financial stress-free life all want and deserve. Together we will discover our money blocks and how to align our belief around money with our goal. We offer innovative tools and techniques to change our relationship around money that are robbing us of our precious time, happiness, inner peace, and an abundant lifestyle. There is more than enough for everyone to live the lifestyle they desire free of financial stress.

My Financial Experience

My financial story journey

I worked for Barnes and Nobles as an accountant and worked a second job for two years and saved every penny I made to buy my first multi-family apartment at the age of 22 in NYC and walk away from it all because of the demise of my marriage. I later joined the Air Force as a budget officer balancing the books to the pennies and disbursing billions of dollars to the entire Air Force European operations.

Money management has been a large part of my life and enables me to recover from my financial setbacks from life unexpected ups and downs. I was able to recover easier and faster because of financial management training. I desire to serve my community and to pass on my years of training and life experiences to enable others to get up faster and easier from life financial setbacks in a nonjudgmental environment. You don’t have to go through life’s financial setback alone. We are here and we care!

“Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.”
Henry David Thoreau