Assistance with Government Contracts

Get your business ready for government contracts

The U.S. government represents a tremendous sales opportunity for almost any small business. For several reasons, the government is particularly focused on including small businesses as it buys goods and services:

  • To ensure large businesses don’t “muscle out” small competitors.
  • To access the new ideas small businesses are great at providing.
  • To support small businesses as engines of economic development and job creation, and to offer opportunities to disadvantaged socioethnic groups.

Most government agencies “set aside” a percentage of what they buy solely for small and disadvantaged businesses.

If you market directly to the U.S. government, its prime contractors, state governments, or associated corporations, Athena HBC can be your guide and provide step-by-step assistance.

Winning Government Contracts

Athena HBC can show you how to find and submit your bids and how to set up a winning system to achieve significant growth.

We’ll help you prepare to do business with the government by securing the required registrations and certifications from various agencies. You’ll learn how to contact individual agencies to request that you be placed on the list for solicitation. You’ll see how to develop personal relationships at different levels, since those contacts are crucial when dealing with bureaucracy.

We’ll also discuss ways to meet contacts who can point you to new opportunities, how to be in the right place at the right time to take advantage of opportunities as they arise, and how to troubleshoot problems along the way.

Opportunities for Specific Industries

Athena HBC can help identify your ideal customer and evaluate markets for your company. Which agencies buy the products or services you offer? What are their budgets? Does the agency purchase year-round or seasonally? Does your contract go to large companies? If so, who are the prime contractors?

A Question for Athena

Are the government contracts really that simple?

In essence, the government customers must know four things:

  1. That you exist and qualified to do the business with them
  2. That your products or services can help them cost-effectively achieve their objective or that they are better than what they currently use
  3. How they can buy from you
  4. That you can help them meet their purchasing goals for small businesses, women-owned business, or other targeted categories

Athena HBC can provide practical help and resources that help you find opportunities, avoid pitfalls, and guide you through the mechanics of government procurement.

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