Leadership Skills Training

Maximize Your Human Resource!


Our comprehensive approach integrates professional development and leadership skills, holistic healing, and executive coaching services. These workshops are designed to develop your power as a leader to influence and turn compliance into commitment, loyalty, collaboration, and cooperation. We deliver innovative, practical hands-on applications that maximize team productivity that yields a competitive edge for your company.

The professional development and leadership training we provide integrate communication skills, leadership skills, and behavior change that influence and motivates you to exceed your organization’s capabilities. We deliver a professional development plan intended to help you and your team navigate challenges and boost performance to capitalize on emerging opportunities.

We offer holistic healing seminars; these innovative techniques help to disengage self-sabotaging patterns and remove emotional barriers that impede your goals. We deliver tools for your self-care and self-healing for you to be in a better position to lead your team to success.


As an intuitive coach, we provide self-assessments for you to gain self-awareness, clarity and develop an action plan to reach your goals. We facilitate the removal of limiting beliefs that hold you back from accomplishing your goals. We will challenge you to go further, set new goals and hold you accountable to obtain better results.


DiSC Assessment

DiSC measures to what degree you are Dominant, influential, Steady or Conscientious, and how these traits affect the way you and your team function in the workplace. It is an excellent indicator to gain critical knowledge and tools to direct and navigate your team to boost your organization’s capabilities and accomplish your goals.

In this seminar, we measure you and your team DISC score. Being aware of the degree to which you and your team are D-I-S-C will allow you to take advantage of your strengths, work on your weaknesses, to function as a high-performance team and become an asset to your company.

Body Language

The old saying is true: actions speak louder than words. Our bodies communicate volumes, and when we learn to utilize them to our advantage, we can project the best of ourselves. Body language can make all the difference in leading your team, in important meetings, in presentations, and in day-to-day interactions.

In this seminar, we assess what you unconsciously convey with your body and train the finer points of body language such as eye contact, hand gestures, and overall posture to color the message you are trying to convey. Developing your awareness of body language will also help you read others. Stand out by learning to communicate with your body to better manage your team.

Presentation Skills

Presentation skills are essential to success in your professional life as a leader. Whether you need to convince clients or lead your team, persuasive skills are the driving force that will help influence an outcome to accomplish your goals. Leaders and managers are expected to express themselves clearly, confidently and communicate comfortably and persuasively in any situation.

In this seminar, you will learn how to formulate, express, and sell your ideas, and yourself with poise and confidence, a vital skill to successfully lead others. Embark on this journey that will significantly improve your leadership skills.

Team Building

Great teams can turn everyday adversities in the workplace into greatness and deliver breakthrough results. An efficient team harnesses the setbacks and challenges and converts it into power, innovation, and energy that fuel the team to success. This team-building training will teach you how to maximum team productivity by understanding how to capitalize on the strengths of each team member to navigate and align the team members around shared goals.

In this seminar, you will learn techniques and approaches for building and sustaining successful teams. You will develop skills that enhance communication and navigate team members so they can effectively communicate, plan, execute, and deliver.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is made up of several essential soft skills: self-awareness, self-regulation, self-motivation, and empathy. Organizations are finding EQ to be a good predictor of future job performance and leadership ability; it says a lot about your ability to work collaboratively, the depth of your communication skills, your leadership potential, and even how well you will be able to learn from your mistakes and lead your team.

In this seminar, you will learn how to build your EQ, so you can set yourself apart from the pack and rise to success in your career. EQ is a good measure of future success on the job.

Conflict Management                               

Managers must learn to deal with conflict professionally and create a space where employees feel comfortable about bringing underlying issues out into the open. Between co-workers, managers, and clients, disagreements are bound to arise, understanding the roots of the conflict—and how to deal with it—is essential to navigate your team successfully.

In this seminar, it will empower you to train employees to manage conflict to facilitate win-win solutions and breakthrough conflict barriers. Through hands-on applications, you will create an action plan to diffuse and lead difficult conversations to empower yourself and others to overcome workplace challenges.

Guided Meditation

Neuroscientists and other studies have shown that meditation can help enhance attention and emotional regulation, assist in learning, cognition, memory, decision-making, and increase one’s quality of life. It is known to promote longevity. You will be able to handle stress better and reduce anxiety and fear.

In this seminar, I guide you through meditation and teach you meditation techniques, to help support your career-related endeavors. Meditation will help you find inner peace, confidence, and clarity as you continue to grow within your career and direct your team to reach your objectives.

Problem Solving

Problems are inevitable in any relationship; each person has their own distinct way of doing things and dealing with issues. Being able to resolve problems is essential in any management or leadership position. Enhance your ability to solve problems; listen, assert and relate to diffuse any situation.

In this seminar, You will learn strategies and techniques that are simple, practical and easy to remember and apply to resolve problems to launch you towards great success as a high-performance leader or manager. Being able to solve problems will help to lower your stress and the stress of those around you and can boost your company morale and get you noted as a star performance leader.